The Treasure Hunters family

Who is behind Treasure Hunters?

The most all-round team ever...

Diego Rohner
"The goldmaker"

Managing and Finance Director

Diego is a seasoned entrepreneur. You can always try bargaining with him, but be sure, he will have his way. He is a finance hotshot with around ten years of experience in management. His thing is to get the most out of anything he takes up. He will always find a thousand and one ways to optimise everything and make it profitable.

He's our trump card at Treasure Hunters when it comes to finding partners and negotiating agreements - he knows where both our interests and others' interests lie, even before the first meeting. He is a pillar for the rest of the team. When any problem becomes really thorny, our motto is "Ask Diego, he'll surely know".

He holds a first-class maturité certificate in commerce, the Brevet fédéral de planificateur financier federal diploma in financial planning, and has an extremely vast theoretical and practical knowledge base.


Pierre Gelso
"The Swiss knife"

Sales and Marketing Director

A computer science enthusiast from a very early age, Pierre very soon took to video games, and at eighteen, he was already recognised as one of the best Counter-Strike players in Switzerland. After the CFC technician's certificate in biomedical analysis, Brevet fédéral d’essayeur-juré federal diploma as sworn assayer, he then moved on to finance, and earned the IAF degree.

At Treasure Hunters, we have nicknamed him "the Swiss knife". He can master any computer tool in no time, draw up marketing reports in the morning and design a new avatar for our game in the evening.

His huge experience in video games of every genre is a valuable asset for our team. He can talk for hours about the next features to add to our application.


Chris Buzas
"The li'l genius"

Technical and Innovation Director

Chris is the youngest member of the Treasure Hunters team but no less creative. He is always on the lookout for the latest developments and is never short of ideas. It was in fact he who came up with the initial idea of an augmented reality treasure hunt. Without him, they would be no Treasure Hunters!

He is a developer by profession, but also an excellent designer who will always add his personal touch to the documents prepared by his colleagues.

Chris is passionate about what he undertakes - he can stay up all night to learn about something, fully understand how it works, and move on to something completely different the next day. For him, no knowledge is a waste of time, "it'll come in useful later".


Guillaume Hentzi
"The soft power"

Computer Engineer

Guillaume holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science, with a major in software engineering. He is the "soft power" of the Treasure Hunters team. He can be sitting quietly behind his PC and need only say a few words to make you completely change your approach to a subject. He always sees the practical side of things and tries to temper the overflowing enthusiasm and over confidence that his colleagues may sometimes have. He is a wealth of knowledge and his computer experience is a most valuable asset.

He is passionate about sports and photography, he will notice what no one has seen and come up with ideas that no one has thought about.

You will never come across any text, any publication, any picture or anything at all that has gone out from Treasure Hunters without having been scrutinised by him.


Ludovic Koller
"The Sniper"

International Partner Manager

Graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration with a marketing option, Ludo is the sales manager and is also in charge of partnerships and marketing.

After 3 years of experience in Zurich and a good base of German acquired, he decided to join our team and his native Jura to live a new challenge.

At Treasure Hunters, he is looking for the best possible partnerships so that Treasure Hunters players can go hunting and win great prizes. He also works with the developers to create the game's advertising platform for current and future partners.

Motorsports, inline hockey and travelling are the passions that drive Ludo's life. His next trip? An 8'000kms road trip by car to Scandivania!


Luca Scarinzi
"The gourmet"

Junior Full-Stack Developer

Luca has a degree in business informatics. Arriving as a trainee, he has created his place thanks to his many assets. As a citizen of the beautiful city of Biel he grew up in a creative and innovative environment. Passionate about watches and entrepreneurship, he is above all attracted by innovation, which takes the form of a veritable personal quest.

Observant and documented, he is always interested in new trends in the world of technology and will continue to feed his curiosity. Having taken part in many international ski competitions as a teenager, he likes to live at 100 per hour and will not close his eyes until he has finished what he started.

At Treasure Hunters he works quietly before he jostles, driven by a freshly matured idea, what we took for granted and slows down the expansion of our application.


Patrick Rouiller
"The artist"


Last to arrive as an intern, Patrick completed a bachelor's degree in economics. He studied visual arts and computer science in high school.

Passionate about video games, he is interested in everything related to it. He has participated in many Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments and has made a name for himself in the community.

He is an artist at heart and spends his time drawing in the hope of one day becoming a character designer, concept artist, animator or illustrator. He is a rather quiet person, but hides a burning passion for his projects.

Fanny Gfeller
"The mentalist"

Press officer

Fanny, our latest addition to the Treasure Hunters team, has brought a feminine touch to this team that was slowly nudging towards male dominatedness. That's not all!

After a Bachelor's degree in humanities and a Master's degree in special education with the topmost distinction, she worked for a few years in special education. Her main job today is to get into the minds of her colleagues and transcribe their ideas for the general public. For example, she will transform a sentence such as "Query conflict during transmission to the API when doubling coins at checkpoint" into something one can understand.

She brings a fresh, less geeky perception of our project as a whole as, unlike the other members of the team, she is not hooked to her smartphone and does not spend most of her day behind a computer screen.