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3 July 2021

Road to the US!

Our adventure started 2 years ago and is about to reach a new stage in its history. Indeed, we are going to make the first opening in a country other than Switzerland, which is none other than the largest mobile game market in the world, the United States! Our objective is becoming a reality and we...

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8 June 2021

New partner | TRAVYS SA

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our list of partners, TRAVYS SA. We are happy to be able to count on them for the implementation of a special quest over several weeks with great prizes to be won. TRAVYS SA is a major player in mobility in the North Vaud and the Vallée de Joux. To take...

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20 April 2021

New nomination

Treasure Hunters has been selected to take part to the Global Virtual Accelerator Program from HYPE Sports Innovation ! HYPE Sports Innovation is the leading Global platform for sports innovation, transforming people’s lives, with 40k+ members (Startups, Sports Leaders, Clubs, Brands, Investors...

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29 March 2021

Let's go!

Go hunting all over Switzerland!After a few weeks of downtime, the time has finally come! We have launched our new version of the game with great treasures to hunt. Not 100% sure how the game works anymore? Check out the game rules that are available on the site to learn about the new fe...

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15 March 2021

New partner | Swiss Post

It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Swiss Post and its PostCard Creator app! We are happy to be able to count on one of the Swiss giants for the creation of an exceptional quest. This one will take place soon and will last for several weeks with an incredible prize wo...

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16 December 2020

The crowdfunding has started!

Road to the US! After now more than a year of development in Switzerland, it's time to look bigger and further for our game Treasure Hunters. To do so, we need 2 things: a 2.0 version of our application and a financial contribution. This will be used for our expansion in the USA but also for t...

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4 September 2020

CES 2021

Have you always dreamed of attending the world's largest exhibition of technological innovation wearing a bathrobe? Well this year it will be possible! Thanks to the digital set-up of the CES 2021 in Las Vegas, you will be able to brush your teeth, drain your spaghetti or assemble your new wardrobe...

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3 May 2020

Treasure hunts resume

As expected, deconfinement will be gradual. It is clear that each of us must remain vigilant and limit our exposure to the risks of contamination. The resumption of hunting will therefore also be gradual.Although our innovative field of activity is not concretely included in the Federal Council's re...

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7 April 2020

Does COVID-19 put Treasure Hunters in danger?

In these times of widespread crisis, many Swiss start-ups are going into the drink. Some of you may be wondering about Treasure Hunters, so we present our position on the current situation.Treasure Hunters is not in danger at all. All of the employees have been placed on layoff. In addition to this,...

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20 March 2020

Information regarding COVID-19

Although the Federal Council has not decided to confine the country, we have taken the decision to cut off all treasure hunts by Monday so as not to push players out to take unnecessary risks. The treasure hunt "organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your home" will be kept until Monday, especial...

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12 March 2020

PostBus checkpoint

A few months ago, PostBus warmly added us to its list of partners. The first rays of sunshine are already visible.You will find a sponsored checkpoint at every PostBus stop. Stock up on coins for your daily quests.

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17 January 2020

Feedback of the Las Vegas CES

What an experience at the CES in Las Vegas! Every day, several thousands of visitors from all over the world passed by our stand and exchanged with the team present on site. Many very interesting and promising contacts for the future of our game were made, especially for the international de...

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3 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020 !

That's it! Treasure Hunters has completed its first calendar! What a year! The materialization of an idea, an application created, the first winners and that's it, everyone understood that it was serious.Treasure Hunters is certainly a video game, but it's also and above all real. Our players have u...

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21 November 2019

Treasure Hunters at HeroFest

This weekend we are going to the Herofest in Bern with our Porsche! 🐻 We will have a stand there to welcome you between hunts in Hall 3.0, stand number 3.002. But also and above all to make you participate in our competition! Just like at the Zurich Game Show, come and try to win one of our electro...

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8 November 2019

A prestigious bank, partner of Treasure Hunters!

That's big news !Treasure Hunters is proud to be working with Raymond James. Raymond James European Investment Banking provides advice to mid-market companies, corporations and private equity firms on international transactions.With more than 350 M&A advisors, Raymond James Investment Banking is...

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7 November 2019

Travel with CarPostal!

You finish your scrabble game, you receive a notification on your phone: an exclusive quest is available on the application. Enthusiastic, you put on your hunting clothes and run outside your home but... you don't have a driver's license! So how do you get to the treasure? We advise you to ta...

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6 November 2019

Soon win the Porsche!

It's German, it's orange, it's convertible. She's the Porsche of Treasure Hunters!Finally, if you listen carefully, you can hear his elegant tires squeal. The most anticipated treasure hunt of the application is coming!Who wouldn't dream of driving our Porsche for 3 months, except someone who alread...

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5 November 2019

Treasure Hunters at CES 2020!

Our mascot has already been travelling around Switzerland for 4 months to hide the treasures you are enjoying today, but she needs a change of scenery. So in January, we'll give him his first vacation... in Las Vegas! She and the entire Treasure Hunters team will be attending CES, the world's...

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4 November 2019

New partner: Swiza!

The first announcement of this week is none other than a partnership with Swiza! What do you mean you weren't partners yet? It is true that we have, from the beginning, forged privileged links with this company. From knives to backpacks, Swiza helps to equip our hunters as best we can. F...

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17 September 2019

Treasure Hunters was present at the Zurich Game Show!

What a weekend for Treasure Hunters!🤠 We were present at the biggest video game show in Switzerland: the Zürich Game Show. We thank all the people who came to visit us and once again congratulate the winner of the tablet during our on-site competition!👏🎉

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20 August 2019

Alain Berset meets the Treasure Hunters team!

Let's go for the gamescom 2019! From today and until Friday, the biggest video game fair opens its doors in cologne, Germany, where 500'000 visitors are expected 🎮📱Treasure Hunters is represented on the stand of the Swiss delegation and it is federal advisor Alain Berset in person who inaugurated th...

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14 August 2019

Treasure Hunters at Gamescom!

In a week's time, we will be at Gamescom, the world's largest video game show in terms of visitors! 🤩 This year, more than 370,000 visitors and 6,000 journalists are expected. This event will give us a unique visibility and allow us to make ourselves known before the opening in other countries in 20...

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25 July 2019

Two new avatars are coming ! 🤠

Good news! Two new avatars will appear in the game! One male and one female character.

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28 June 2019

We are on Snapchat! 👻

Add us as a friend and receive exclusive news about the prizes to be won in upcoming treasure hunts. 🤠

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26 June 2019


You have only 5 days to purchase the share at 10 francs. If you still want to purchase a few shares or if you have found potential referrees, now’s the time to encourage them to invest. In addition, you now have the possibility to buy your actions by credit card!😃

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18 June 2019

A treasure hunt to win tickets to Chant du Gros festival for you and a friend!

On Wednesday 24 July 2019, Treasure Hunters will be offering the chance to win tickets for this year's edition of the renowned Jura music festival on 5-7 September. Save the date and have your app ready to go hunting for treasure!

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14 June 2019

We have been selected to participate in Europe's biggest trade fair for video games!

From the 21st to the 24th of August, we will be at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. A huge thank you to the Swissgames delegation for having chosen us!

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11 June 2019

The list of quests to hunt

There are so many treasures to win! Just so you find your way around, we have put up a list of quests so that you can choose the treasure you want to hunt. Quests come in multiple levels of difficulty depending on the value of the prize: easy, medium and hard. Do you think you will have t...

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4 June 2019

Win tickets to the Laver Cup!

Thanks to Treasure Hunters, you will have the opportunity to win tickets to the 2019 Laver Cup where you will be able to see the best tennis players in action! This quest will be available on July 10, 2019 at 12pm 🤠

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28 May 2019

Do you need game coins or tools to help you in your quest?

That's where checkpoints can help you! 😁When they go through our checkpoints, hunters will be rewarded game coins or tools (compass, binoculars, thermometer).

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20 May 2019

Go to the Treasure Hunters store to make your treasure hunting easier!

There, you can buy coins that you can exchange for objects to help you find the treasures more easily. If you don't want to spend money or have maxed out your credit card, you can earn coins in many different ways - by checking in at the various checkpoints daily, by winning trophies and quests, or...

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14 May 2019

Discover the behind-the-scenes of watchmaking!

Are you always running late and have always wondered why time passes by so quickly? Treasure Hunters has just what you need! You will be able to discover the inside story of watch-making and explore its fascinating world by winning gift tokens for a watch-making class offered by Initium !

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12 May 2019

We have selected our Maurice Lacroix watches!

It was a tough choice to make, but we finally made it! The team discussed for hours and went through a whole line-up of watches of our partner Maurice Lacroix so that you can win the finest pieces of this prestigious watchmaker. The watches will be virtually hidden anywhere in Switzerland and can...

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11 May 2019

Looking for the treasure

Here's what will happen when you are a stone's throw away from a treasure - your smartphone camera will be activated.Keep your eyes on your phone and just spin around until the precious treasure appears on screen!

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10 May 2019

Examples of trophies to collect!

In Treasure Hunters, you can collect trophies to win rewards! Here are some of our trophies: The connected hunter trophy: log in to Treasure Hunters 5 days in a row to collect 50 coins. The more often you log on, the bigger your reward! The referral trophy: bring in 5 friends to win 1,000 coins....

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23 April 2019

Application release date

You didn't really expect we'd put the release date in the title itself?! The suspense is not over yet!Here we go! Treasure Hunters is FINALLYYYY (we can hear you right from here!) in a position to announce the date of the official releaseof its much-awaited treasure hunt game.The team is brimming w...

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3 April 2019

What's new in the developer's corner

Welcome to our new hunters and investors! At present, we have over 2,500 hunters who have signed up and more than 900 investments. We can't thank you enough for your trust and your support, so once again, THANK YOU! …so how are things moving along? The Treasure Hunters test phase was completed th...

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6 February 2019

We can help get you in shape!

Calling all budding athletes who have resolved to get fit this year. We have a new partner: Let's Go Fitness.Let's Go Fitness has over 50 fitness centers in French-speaking Switzerland, which you can access with a single subscription. No more complaining that you can't make it to the gym because yo...

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29 January 2019

At long last, we have released the test version of Treasure Hunters!

500 players have been selected in a weighted ballot. We have as many smartphones as possible represented in order to test compatibility. Our testers' mission over the next month is to spot any and all bugs, so that we can fine-tune the application before the official launch. To make life easier for...

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21 December 2018

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very happy 2019

Season's greetings The Treasure Hunters team would like to wish all aspiring treasure hunters a very merry Christmas. We hope that the festive season is full of love, delicious food and great gifts. If you are disappointed with your presents, fret not: we promise to provide treasures that will...

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30 November 2018

Investors from around the world

We can't thank you enough Once again, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your confidence and invaluable support for the Treasure Hunters team. You have committed to this wild ride: we will do our utmost to make sure you have a great time along the way.Map of our investorsInvestors fr...

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30 October 2018

Why did we choose an .io domain name?

We keep being asked this question, so we have decided to publish the answer.Domain names ending in .io are very popular in the IT world because the letters also stand for input/output – the connection between an IT system and the outside world. Google has increased the popularity of .io domains by c...

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26 October 2018

Hunting for watches

Watches are one of the specialities of the canton that is home to Treasure Hunters. The team was determined to include treasures from the Jura – and our dream is now a reality. We have a new partner: internationally renowned premium watchmaker Maurice Lacroix. Having been the official sponsor of Rog...

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23 October 2018

Introducing the Treasure Hunters icon

We are still testing the Treasure Hunters app, but in the meantime we are delighted to unveil the app icon, which will soon become your new favourite.The natural world and path leading to the treasure chest encapsulate the spirit of our treasure hunt: making you stretch your legs, getting you out in...

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17 October 2018

The Chedi Andermatt: a new and distinguished partner

The Treasure Hunters team is delighted to announce a new partnership with The Chedi Andermatt hotel. GaultMillau Hotel of the Year 2017, this five-star hotel in the heart of the Swiss Alps will take your breath away. The Chedi Andermatt offers the perfect blend of cozy luxury, outstanding service, f...

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28 September 2018

As seen in the Quotidien Jurassien

The Treasure Hunters team is proud to report that the 25 September edition of the Quotidien Jurassien newspaper contained an article about our game. The full article is available in the Press section of our website. Le Quotidien Jurassien is an independent newspaper published by Editions D...

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19 September 2018

Treasure Hunters in Bilan

Out now: the Treasure Hunters advertorial produced in partnership with Le Matin newspaper can be found in the current edition of Bilan magazine.For the past 30-odd years, Bilan has been the leading business magazine in French-speaking Switzerland. Every other Wednesday, Bilan unpacks and examines ne...

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9 August 2018

Take a peek at Treasure Hunters

Our application is under development for several months new and the beta version will go online on 1 October 2018. We can't wait for you to explore it and you will have the honour of testing it before it is released!In the meanwhile, and while you are waiting, we would like to show you a few screens...

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8 August 2018

McDonald's is a partner of Treasure Hunters

A new partnership was signed with another major world-famous company! McDonald's was won over by the concept of the Treasure Hunters game.The most popular burger restaurant chain in Switzerland reported a year of growth in 2017 in Switzerland. In one year, the Swiss subsidiary of the American fast f...

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7 August 2018

Tamedia is a Treasure Hunters partner

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a major partnership with one of the biggest companies in Switzerland.Tamedia, the biggest private media group in Switzerland, loved our project and have placed their trust in us for our future collaboration. Tamedia owns a number of very well-known bran...

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6 August 2018

Treasure Hunters was awarded the NEI status

We were recently awarded the NEI (Nouvelle Entreprise Innovante) status by the Republic and Canton of Jura. With this status, the Canton government has shown its support and will give us additional exposure.By awarding the NEI (Nouvelle Entreprise Innovante) status, the Canton of Jura offers a genui...

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