First of all, our entire team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2023 with a little advance!

It's time for a little recap on the progress of the Token Hunters project and a look back at the past year.

2023, objective Token Hunters! 

This year is going to be great for our team because it's the realization and the launch of Token Hunters! We have been working actively for several months on the Token Hunters project which will take the same concept as Treasure Hunters but which will be a Play-to-Earn version and thus linked to the world of crypto and tokens!

The progress of the project is very positive and we can announce today that great things are coming for the beginning of the year 2023 with notably the launch of an alpha version of the game!

Among the very interesting points, we have notably advanced contacts with a big entity of the cryptocurrency world that has shown its interest in our project! You won't get more details for the moment but we are convinced that this will bring a lot of credibility to the project. More information will be released about this soon so stay tuned

A successful expansion! 

Despite our infatuation with Tokens Hunters, we have not forgotten Treasure Hunters. 

Indeed, the year 2022 has been rich for the game and no less than 15 new countries have been launched around the world! 3 new countries will be added to the list from January 1st 2023.

With these launches, many hunters have discovered the game and found treasures in many countries across Latin America or Europe!