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Unique positioning in three highly dynamic markets

Treasure Hunters offers the unique opportunity to invest in a leading-edge combination of three highly dynamic and fast growing markets: digital advertising, gamification, and loyalty & reward applications. Treasure Hunters has something its competitors do not: the ability to combine business advertising solutions with highly popular gamificated applications - in particular in the geo-tracking gaming environment - while rewarding users with real-world prizes.

Treasure Hunters' product offering sets itself apart through its highly scalable marketing platform for the enterprises with no limit to the number of potential users and locations. This offering is fully and dynamically adjustable to any location and to the needs of businesses, while at the same time delivering content to users to explore and get rewarded through virtual coins, treasures and more.

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Discover our investments highlights.

State-of-the-art and highly responsive gamificated application for consumers and advertisement solutions for local and global businesses.

Superior monetization strategy with rapid global scalability and enormous growth with >USD 1 bn sales in 2025 and great profitability potential.

Unique ability to direct online users to offline locations for partners via incentives from digital gamification application.

Highly attractive market with 13.4% CAGR until 2022 in digital mobile gamification and 10.5% CAGR until 2023 in social media.

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Meet the Founders

Three friends with different skills

Associated for the success of an ambitious project, that of creating a revolutionary video game.

Diego Rohner

Directeur général et financier & co-fondateur

Pierre Gelso

Directeur commercial et marketing & co-fondateur

Guillaume Hentzi

Ingénieur en informatique & co-fondateur


If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Treasure Hunters is a promising startup that has just launched its activity in the USA, investing now is a guarantee to get shares at the best price.

Each franc invested in the application will step up its visibility and will speed up its growth worldwide.

If you are convinced with the project, if you believe that the Treasure Hunters player community will invariably expand, now's the time to invest while the share price is still low.

By logging on to the investor platform via the link that you will receive by email, you can track the changes in the Treasure Hunters share price in real time. You can see the shares that you have purchased and your current portfolio. From this platform, you can also easily make a new investment with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also have access to new features before they are released and follow the developments of the application weekly.

The price will be determined by the market. The greater the demand for a share, the higher its price will be. Spread the word and more importantly, invest right away!

You need to find someone who wants to buy your shares. To facilitate transfers, we have set up a tool on our investor platform allowing the transfer of shares between shareholders.

According to the extract from the commercial register, which is publicly available, the company has 10 million shares, each with a nominal value of USD 0.01. The nominal share value does not affect the real (market) share price. It's like buying a painting by an artist. The nominal value is a few Swiss francs: the cost of the canvas, the paint and paintbrushes. But the market value will rise as the artist becomes more famous.

Yes, your voting right will be proportional to the number of shares you own. If you own 10 shares, your vote is counted as 10 votes.

All investments carry a risk. Our game could be a flop… but our team is putting in every effort to make sure that this never happens!

Of course. If you bring shareholders, you can earn up to 5% of your future referree's investment in shares. To do so, you must send the personal referral link found in your investor account the person you want to refer, and he/she must buy shares directly using that link.

Your investor certificates are automatically generated by our investor platform in PDF format and can be downloaded at any time.

We have not considered that as yet. We prefer relying on the community.

Yes, all the shareholders can consult these disclosures. We will put it up online on the investor platform.