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You're just a few clicks away from joining us in the Treasure Hunters adventure by becoming a shareholder in the company:

Project starts
Share price 14 CHF
Final phase

1 – 499 shares

You like our project but your bank account won't let you get very far? You are welcome! Remember that small streams make big rivers.

Share price: 14.00 CHF
+ Investor Certificate

500 – 1,499 shares

You make a good living, you love Treasure Hunters, you believe that it will be a huge hit and that it would be a pity if you didn't take part in this success.

Share price: 13.00 CHF
+ Investor Certificate
+ Get a Treasure Hunters goodie every year distributed at the general meeting

1,500 shares and beyond

Treasure Hunters is a part of your life, the first thing you do in the morning is to take a look at your hunts log, and what's more, you have savings you want to invest.

Share price: 12.00 CHF
+ Investor Certificate
+ Get a Treasure Hunters goodie every year distributed at the general meeting
+ Join the team for a drink every year


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Look at our investor brochure where you will find a whole host of details about
the financing of our game, our marketing and our economic model.

Why invest in Treasure Hunters?

Treasure Hunters has everything it takes to become a worldwide hit game.

How can you make your investment grow?

The methods below have proven their worth, there's no reason why it should be otherwise for Treasure Hunters.

Nouvelle Entreprise Innovante (NEI)

Treasure Hunters benefits from the status of Nouvelle Entreprise Innovante granted by the Republic and Canton of Jura.
This status offers tax advantages to companies and investors resident in the Jura.

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You really must be living in a cave if you have not heard about us.

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