Go on the most exciting treasure hunt of your life!

Treasure Hunters is a mobile game that allows you to go hunting for real treasures around you.

July 1, 2019
September 1, 2021
December 23, 2021
Brazil, Mexico, France
March 1, 2022
Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela
May 1, 2022
Peru, Ecuador, Chile
July 1, 2022
Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia
September 1, 2022
Canada, Guyana, Suriname
November 1, 2022
Italy, Spain, Portugal
January 1, 2023
Germany, UK, Ireland

Our Application

Go hunting and never come back empty-handed!

1. Choose your gift

Choose your treasure hunt and you're off to go on a real-life hunt. The treasures may be hidden anywhere.

2. Go hunting

Use the tips and skills at your disposal to help you : compass, binoculars, thermometer and area removers.

3. Win the treasure

When you are close to the treasure, it's your move! Grab it with your phone and... it's yours! You win!


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Be an investor!

Join the Treasure Hunters family and for CHF 17, become a shareholder in the world's largest treasure hunt.

By becoming a part of the company, you can participate in decisions, meet other shareholders, bring your ideas and get exclusive information on the platform specially made for investors.

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