Are you ready to go
treasure hunting?


1. Ready?

Treasures are hidden anywhere in your country. Every time a new treasure hunt is available near you, you will receive a notification on your phone.

2. Set...

Choose your treasure hunt and you're off to go on a real-life hunt. The treasures may be hidden anywhere, in the woods, grasslands, car parks, roads, and more.

3. Go!

Use the tips and skills at your disposal to help you. The compass, binoculars, the thermometer and area removers are some of the tools that can help you be the first person to find the treasure.

4. You won!!!

When you are close to the treasure, it's your move! Grab it with your phone and... it's yours! You win!

Highlights of Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunters is not just any treasure hunt! Get ready for an exciting adventure!

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