General Terms of Delivery

1. General provisions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the Treasure Hunters SA (the Company) and the users of the application who have earned rewards for their quests. The Company undertakes to deliver the winnings earned by the application users, or make such winnings available at its premises.

Winners will receive email notifying them of these terms and conditions as well as the arrangements for collecting their winnings.

To all intents and purposes, users are requested to refer to the section in the general terms and conditions of the application dealing with the validity of participation and the validation needed to collect winnings.

Any and all other documents issued by said Company, notably catalogues, prospectuses, and advertisement in any form, are meant only for informative purposes and cannot supersede these terms and conditions of distribution/delivery.

2. Delivery – Transportation

Winnings are delivered by remitting the prize won directly to the winner at the residence specified by him/her, using a carrier or the postal service, the costs of which will be borne by the Treasure Hunters SA company.

In certain cases, the Company may issue a notice of availability for certain prizes that are very expensive or whose transportation costs are either unreasonable or inappropriate. In such cases, the winner must go to the Company’s premises to collect the winnings.

If you realise that the product delivered to you is defective, it may be covered by the DOA (Dead on Arrival) guarantee. It is usually applicable to many items. To avail of this guarantee, you must report the defect immediately upon receiving the item. You must then return the item to us within seven (7) days in its original packaging.

3. Transfer of risk

The transfer of risk will be effective when remitting the prize won to the carrier, or when the item leaves the Company’s premises when the winner has collected it. The items are transported at the own risks of the winner of the item. In the event of loss or default, it is up to said winner to make reservations if any known and to obtain remedies from the carriers that are liable.

4. Return of defective prizes

Several manufacturers have a service centre that you can contact directly. In that case, you must send or hand over your item directly to them. In that way, the warranty procedure will be faster and you will have the advantage of being directly in contact.

Please contact us beforehand to know whether the warranty for the item is still valid. We will give you the item’s invoice for you to send to the service centre along with the item.

When you return a prize, please remember to add a precise description of the problem and to enclose the invoice. Defective items must be returned intact and in full, in their original packaging, within ten (10) days of noticing the defects. The shipping costs of such returns shall be borne by you.

5. Warranty – Liability

Treasure Hunters SA cannot be held responsible in any manner for the defects and deterioration of the delivered items due to abnormal or non-standard conditions of storage or use after delivery.

The items are guaranteed against any material or manufacturing defect, in keeping with the warranty covering each item supplied by Treasure Hunters SA’s business partners.

The defects and deterioration arising from normal wear or external accident (incorrect assembly, improper maintenance, abnormal use) or any unplanned or unspecified modification of the item, will not be covered by the warranty.

The Company shall not bear any other liability or provide any other guarantee claimed by you. Additionally, regardless of the circumstances, the Company’s liability for the replacement of the defective prize cannot exceed the value of the item for which the claim was made.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any claims arising from or relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Republic and Canton of Jura, and will be referred to the cantonal court of the place where the premises and the business centre of the Treasure Hunters SA are located.