Game rules

Creating an account

Create an account

When you first open the application, the home screen allows you to connect to the application. If you choose "sign in", you can do so with your Facebook or Google account. If you do not want to link these accounts with Treasure Hunters, you can create an account with an email address using the link in the bottom of your screen.


If you use the standard method to create your account, you can choose a nickname that will later be used in the ranking, and that cannot be used by anyone else. It must be at least five characters long. You can also enter the name of your referrer, that is, the person who recommended Treasure Hunters, your mentor. Your referrer will be rewarded when you win treasures, and you can in turn refer other people. To learn more about referrals, go to the concerned section.


Of course, if you sign in through your social network, you can modify this information from your profile.


How to launch a quest ?

Quests list
Quest description

Once you sign in, you will see the list of quests! The quests are shown in chronological order with the most recent one on the top of the list.


If you want to filter the quests, tap on the funnel shown to the bottom right and choose a quest based on the choices you specify: easy, distance, or amount of the treasure.


Icons under each quest image provide some additional information such as the number of coins needed to hunt this quest if you are not premium, the number of treasures remaining in the quest, how close the treasure is to where you are, the approximate number of players hunting this quest.


Once you have decided which treasure you want to hunt, tap on it! A description of the quest is shown. It may contain important information about the treasure, so do take some time to read the description. When you are ready to start looking for the treasure, tap on "Start hunting!".


Your ongoing quests are shown in the "My quests tab" so you can find the quests you have already started.


You are impatient and want to know what you could be hunting soon? That what's the "Coming soon" tab is for. It shows you the future quests and the countdown to them.


Daily challenges are small actions to be done each day. With them, you can collect a lot of bonuses! However, if you miss a day, you have to start over.


How the quest works ?

Search area
Augmented reality

Once the quest is started, the map opens and shows your location (blue dot). On the map, you will see checkpoints as well as greyed areas that represent treasures that have already been hidden.


You must go to these circles to find the treasure chests. Several areas are shown as a given treasure can be won in different places. When an area disappears, it means that the treasure was found by another hunter.


There are also special quests: "Multi" quest and "Luck" quest.


For the "Multi" quest, although there is only one treasure to be found, several search areas are shown on the map. This is a multiple area quest. The search areas are placed all over Switzerland and the quest ends when a person bags the treasure in one of those areas.


For the "Luck" quest, there is only one gift to find but several search areas. The search areas are placed throughout Switzerland and the quest ends after a specified time or when all the treasures in the hunting areas are found (when the treasure is discovered in one area, the other areas remain active). At the end of the time, a random draw is made by the Treasure Hunters team during which the winner of the jackpot will be chosen from among the players who have found one of the treasures. Each winner in each zone participates in the draw to try to win the prize and premium players have their chance doubled as their username will be entered twice in the draw.


How to win the quest ?

A treasure chest is hidden virtually in each search area. You need to look for it, move around and have some luck as well. When you are close enough to the treasure so that you can grab it (within three metres), a treasure chest will appear on the map! Tap on it and look around through your screen - you will see it floating. When you see it, tap on it to try opening it and win the treasure!


You can open the treasure chest in two ways: by using a key (bronze, silver or gold) or using a 5-digit code.


If you don't have keys, don't worry, you can use your coins to buy them straightaway when you need to open the treasure.


As for the code, remember to read the quest description thoroughly, as it may have hidden clues to help you find the correct digits.


Boosts to narrow down the search area

Boosts and belt
Use of the boost
Compass example

The search area is too big and you want to narrow it down so that it is easier for you to find the treasure? You can do that easily. Tap on the grey area that will turn blue. The first of the three icons to the right (two arrows) becomes active and you can select it. Tap on it to open the search area reduction window. You can make the search area smaller by using your coins or by watching a video ad.


Tools to help you

You are having trouble finding the treasure? We have come up with tools to help you in your search:


Compass : you know that a compass generally points to the north? Our compass does that, and what's more, it shows you the direction in which you must look for the treasure. You can use it for 30 seconds only and use one compass per quest.


Thermometer : it works on the hot-cold principle. When you get closer to the treasure, it gets hotter and the thermometer turns red, and when you move away from the treasure, it gets cold and the thermometer turns blue. You can use it for 20 seconds only.


Binoculars : with the binoculars, you can shift your field of vision in a well-demarcated area to know whether a treasure is hidden in it. Choose the area to know whether it contains the treasure and tap "Inspect". With the binoculars and some luck, you can find the treasure easily. You can use it for 30 seconds only.


Tool belt

Like every self-respecting hunter, you can get a tool belt to hold your tools. When you are on the map in a quest, tap on the belt that is shown on the bottom right of your screen to see what tools you have. The more tools you have, the easier it will be to find the treasure!



Checkpoints on the map
Checkpoint caught

You can collect free coins at specific points that are marked with a star on the map. These points are called checkpoints. You can collect in them once a day. They are found at all bus stops, all train stations, and in our partners' locations.


You can even double the number of coins you collect by watching a video ad!




This is the place where all the bonuses are available. Coins, tools and keys - you will find all you need to make your hunting easier.


Tap on the coin in the top right of your screen to go to the store.




Trophies are winnings you unblock by doing specific actions in the game.


You can see the list of trophies in your profile (by tapping on your avatar in the top left) and check your progress.




The ranking shows your progress in comparison with that of the other hunters. It is based on the number of coins collected.


Coins that you buy are not considered in the ranking, so you just have to walk! Be the best hunter so that you can brag about it to your friends.




The idea of a treasure hunt is to be the first to find the treasures. Naturally, you won't be talking about it as you don't want others to grab them. We agree with you! Now, what if you also win something every time a player wins? Would that make you consider talking about our game? Undoubtedly!


That is how our referral system works! The more people you refer, the more free coins you will earn every time they win. And it's easy to collect referrees! Share your referral link with your contacts. All they need do is enter your nickname when they sign up.


You can earn in a big way! For example, if any of your referrees wins a treasure worth CHF 1,000, you will get 30,000 coins, i.e. 3% of the treasure's worth in coins!


Premium subscribers can go up to three tiers of referrals and earn even more coins from the referrees of their referrees. For example, if a referree wins a treasure worth CHF 1,000, the referrer will earn 3% of the treasure's worth in coins, i.e. 30,000 coins. The referrer's referrer will earn 1%, i.e. 10,000 coins, and his or her referrer will in turn earn 0.5%, i.e. 5,000 coins. The rewards given to the referrers do not affect the referree's winnings in any way.


So don't hesitate any longer, share your player nickname with all your contacts!



In the settings, you can get a premium subscription, activate notifications, change your avatar, change your nickname, complete your contact details, rate the application, redo the tutorial, share the application, contact us, or find general information (GTU, data protection).