Game at home

Play Treasure Hunters at home with your kids!


In this particular period, punctuated by meals and naps, it is necessary to find occupations for us but also and especially for our children. Since it is not advisable to go out hunting for treasures in nature, why not bring the treasure hunts inside our home?

Hide the treasure in a drawer or under a piece of furniture and your child, thanks to the checkpoints and objects, will be able to go on a life-size treasure hunt in your home! Help him/her by using the same objects found in our game: thermometers, compasses and binoculars!

Download the free PDF document below and print it out to organize a worthy hunt to keep your children aged 3 to 12 busy. The games can easily be repeated.

If this game has amused your children, share it so that your friends can enjoy it! Don't hesitate to share your experiences and adaptations in the commentary of the post provided for this purpose on our social networks.