Frequently Asked Questions


By participating in the project right from the start, you are guaranteed to purchase the shares at the best price. Treasure Hunters will put up its shares in 2019 at a price of CHF 14 to 18 and maybe even higher if we become an overnight success.

Each franc invested in the application will step up its visibility and will speed up its growth worldwide. In fact, even though the application is already available in Switzerland, Treasure Hunters does not intend to stop there.

If you are convinced with the project, if you believe that the Treasure Hunters player community will invariably expand, now's the time to invest while the share price is still low.

Supercell, the studio that developed Clash of Clans (170 million users), was founded in 2010 and generated income of nearly USD 3 billion in 2016. That year, the studio was bought for USD 8.5 billion, a mere six years after its inception. As a comparison, if Treasure Hunters were to perform as well, our shares that are priced at CHF 14 today will be worth over CHF 850 on the market.

And should you decide never to sell your shares, you can expect to be paid hefty dividends.

By logging on to the investor platform via the link that you will receive by email, you can track the changes in the Treasure Hunters share price in real time. You can see the shares that you have purchased and your current portfolio. From this platform, you can also easily make a new investment with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also have access to new features before they are released and follow the developments of the application weekly.

Because the share price for games that are already well-known worldwide is much higher than that of Treasure Hunters. You will never find the leverage that you have with Treasure Hunters with a game that has already gone through its growth boom.

The share is currently priced at CHF 14.

Later, the price will be determined by the market. The greater the demand for a share, the higher its price will be. Spread the word and more importantly, invest right away!

An online tool on the investor platform allows you to easily transfer your shares to another person.

As we have been granted the NEI (New Innovative Company) status by the Republic and Canton of Jura, we are not allowed to pay dividends for the first five years.

According to the extract from the commercial register, which is publicly available, the company has 10 million shares, each with a nominal value of CHF 0.01. The nominal share value does not affect the real (market) share price. It's like buying a painting by an artist. The nominal value is a few Swiss francs: the cost of the canvas, the paint and paintbrushes. But the market value will rise as the artist becomes more famous.

Yes, your voting right will be proportional to the number of shares you own. If you own 10 shares, your vote is counted as 10 votes.

You will have access to news that is reserved for investors and you will be the first to be informed about all new features.

All investments carry a risk. Our game could be a flop… but our team is putting in every effort to make sure that this never happens!

Of course. If you bring shareholders, you can earn up to 5% of your future referree's investment in shares. To do so, you must send the personal referral link found in your investor account the person you want to refer, and he/she must buy shares directly using that link.

You will receive a certificate in PDF format by email that is digitally signed by Treasure Hunters. Needless to say, you can find this certificate on the investor platform at any time. This is an official document that cannot be forged.

First of all, your order must be placed directly on the website. Then, you have two options. You can either pay by wire transfer to our Crédit Suisse account, or pay by credit card or Paypal directly on the investor platform.

You will find our bank account details on the investor platform.

We have not considered that as yet. We prefer relying on the community.

As we have the NEI status granted by the Republic and Canton of Jura, if you make a minimum investment of CHF 10,000 (and capped at CHF 200,000), you can deduct this amount from your taxable income. However, this works only for investors who pay taxes in the Canton of Jura. You will find more information at this link.

Yes, you will need to report your shares in your income tax report, as if the money has remained in your savings account.

For investors residing in the Canton of the Jura, a special slot is given at the bottom of your tax return.

Treasure Hunters is our project, our baby. We have hundreds of ideas on how to improve the game over time and our aim is not to sell at the earliest.

Yes, all the shareholders can consult these disclosures. We will put it up online on the investor platform.

Yes, a preferential right will apply when you wish to sell any of your shares. The investor platform will have a built-in share sale/purchase system, and you must first offer the shares to the other shareholders. If no one has shown interest after a given period of time, you may propose your shares to any other person.


The application was officially launched in Switzerland on 1 July 2019! Due to the health situation in 2020, we had to review our expansion plans, so we will launch Treasure Hunters in the USA in the spring of 2021. Then, depending on developments, we will gradually launch in Switzerland's foreign neighbours by 2022 such as France, Germany, Italy, as well as Great Britain and Spain.

There is no competitor application at present. The concept of a treasure hunt is not new. However, the difference between Treasure Hunters and what has already been done lies in the overall concept of winnings that are real gifts earned by using clues, checkpoints, referrals, etc.

As each prize can be found free of charge, our application does not fall under gambling laws.

Initially, the treasures will be financed jointly by our partners and Treasure Hunters. Later, the treasures will be financed only by our partners.

We estimate that about 5% of the users will pay in the game either by buying coins or by subscribing for a premium account. Users who do not wish to pay can however watch advertising content that will also generate revenues for the game.

We don't really have a target audience, anyone who has a smartphone may want to go hunting. Pokémon Go was mostly targeted at young people and the Pokémon generation. Our game can interest both a youngster who just wants to play and an older person who is into playing for money.

According to the latest figures published by Statista, the number of smartphone users in the world reached 2.87 billion in 2020.

Our aim is to get them "hooked" to the game, and have them log in to the application every day to find treasures. The idea of their being able to collect coins for free at the checkpoints will make them go to specific locations each day.

The players also need to win to continue playing. Players will have a chance of winning less expensive gifts easily.

We also expect our players to be sharing their progress on social media, which will increase the general enthusiasm about our game.

With our partnerships, we get considerable exposure in all of Switzerland.

We are very active on social media. Our aim is to create an active community of players. Exclusive quests will be added periodically to create a buzz. Events in public places are already being planned.

We also plan to hand out flyers, advertise on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, and find influencers for our project.

We will be relying mainly on referrals between users to grow our community of players.

Of course! You can contact us by email. We look forward to your ideas and will gladly reply. Who knows, one day in the game you may come across a feature that you thought up.